Stands for unrolling electrical wires

What are wire unwinding racks

Steel racks for electric wires and cables are durable and reliable steel constructions. They consist of several most important elements:

  • Stable base - this is the lower part of the stand, which comes into contact with the ground, to which the bearing is attached with a vertical element, on which we put the spool. Specially profiled base legs prevent the structure from sliding on the floor.
  • Bearing - in order to be able to develop cables comfortably, lightly but in a controlled manner, the stand has a thrust bearing. It is to him that we owe such comfortable work and the ease with which cables can be developed.
  • Mast - it is a vertical element made of aluminum profile, protected from above with a plastic plug. The lower part attached to the plate rotates with it under the influence of a small force. The diameter of the element is universal and fits most types of wires coiled in spools. Including YDY 3x1.5; 3x2.5.




Which cables are the unwinders suitable for?

Stands, also called decoilers, come in three popular models. Available in our store.

  • SO-460 - created for round and flat electrical cables, e.g. YDY 3x1.5, 3x2.5; LGY; OWY and others,
  • SO-320 - a smaller and lighter stand than the 460 model, also dedicated to electrical, as well as alarm and teletechnical cables,
  • SO-230-2 - small, double stand for alarm cables.

All of the above models of racks can also be used to unwind lines and strings.


Stands for unrolling electrical wires


What are the advantages of cable racks?

  • Comfortable and fast cable uncoiling without tangling,
  • Great comfort and safety at work,
  • Order in the reels stored,
  • Work without the risk of dirtying or destroying cables,
  • Efficient transport of cables in the car,
  • Easy cable measuring for needed sections.

Cable stands are made of galvanized steel, which does not require corrosion protection. They are extremely resistant to mechanical damage and very easy to transport. Thanks to the thrust bearings mounted in them, they work very quietly and smoothly, regardless of the load on the wires. We recommend them to everyone who regularly deals with the installation of electrical installations or work with cords. The high availability of models allows you to find a stand perfectly suited to your needs.


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